BeYoung / PacDiv / Daily Bread Trailer

got put on board with the good brothers over at PacDiv to produce content leading up to the release of BeYoung’s (PacDiv) solo mixtape release DAILY BREAD: MY BROTHER’S KEEPER.  

We had a great first meeting, ideas and good vibes were flowing. Shot a day in the studio, an early morning in KoreaTown and an afternoon in Pacoima and came out with 2 music videos and plenty of behind-the-scenes material. 

This trailer is the first of several more videos to come: click below for link.



ZONA 5 w/ Chef Antonio Luna

it was a joy and an honor to be in the kitchen with Chef Antonio Luna and Cindy. i enjoy craftsmanship, whether you’re chopping scallions or lumber, i love seeing masters of their craft at work. i missed the first half of the world cup final, but I was fine with it. click on the pic below for link to the quick video